You could call me a Halloween scrooge, it just isn’t my favorite holiday. I don’t have a moral stand against it or anything, but I don’t get all that excited about it either. I generally avoid the local Pa’s Pumpkin patch (aka the money pit) and just don’t drive that way this time of year. We haven’t been since Charlotte was about to turn 1, but when several of our friends planned a trip this week I conceded my despise for the place and took the girls. And you know what it wasn’t that bad, the missing tooth carney’s were at a minimum and if I go along with my short term memory woes and forget the money I spent for the tickets it was actually quite fun. We generally go down to Tanaka Farms for some more traditional and less commercialized Halloween fun on a true pumpkin patch and we still may make the trek down to Irvine if we can fit it in. Here are some pics from last year. As Ali said the light at Pa’s is pretty great, so if nothing else it may be worth the trip for some photos with the pumpkins.

After P was saddled up I realized this was her first pony ride.

Above our attempt at the ever elusive group photo!

Below one of my favorite photography subjects:

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